Stanford Internal Customers

Getting started with iLab:  Go to and register in iLab, if you don’t already have an account.

Once logged in, click on 'list all cores' on the left side of your page. Locate the Human Immune Monitoring Center, then open the Request Services tab.

HIMC Service Request form

In the Request Services tab, you will be presented with the HIMC Service Request form.

Please fill in required fields marked with a Red Star. Finance Approver Name and Email identifies the Finance Analyst that supports your PI. Please check with your PI if you do not know who this person is. A valid PTA is required. Please ask your Finance person to assign a PTA for your use in iLab.

Follow the instructions on the form and click save completed form, provide your PTA, and then click submit request to researcher at the bottom of the page to complete your submission.

In the Payment Information section (at the bottom of the Service Request Form), enter your PTAA valid PTA is required. if nothing appears in the dropdown menu for payment information, please ask your Finance person to assign you a PTA for your use.

Service ID (SID)

The Service Request Form sets up your project in iLab and assigns your project a unique Service ID. Please include your Service ID in the subject line of any email with us to allow us to quickly find your project in iLab.

Waiting for Researcher to Agree

You will receive a system generated notification asking you to approve your iLab project. HIMC cannot begin work until Researcher Approval is given by you – the researcher.

You will also be notified to approve services each time new services are added. Please click the “Waiting for Researcher to Agree” button in your iLab project after receiving the iLab notification.

There is a link to your project in every iLab notification (at the bottom of the email notification).

Once Researcher Approval is given, we can move forward with your HIMC project. If you need a formal quote for your project, please ask any of our core staff for assistance.