Patient Care

Our ITI member physician scientists hold their patients as their highest priority.  They have a reputation for bringing a highly innovative approach to patient care. Our Stanford physicians are driven by the knowledge that their research will directly benefit the population they serve by improving their ability to not only diagnose and treat, but also cure their patients.

Clinical Trials

A number of ITI physician investigators run clinical trials on site at Stanford Hospitals and Clinics.  These trials have open enrollment and provide a direct link and partnership with the greater Bay area community.  Currently, there are ongoing trials in the areas of cancer, cardiovascular, infectious disease, orthopedics, surgery, transplantation, neurosciences, and food allergy for both adult and pediatric candidates. If you want to become an active participant in breakthrough research that will benefit not only you, but others just like you, please visit our clinical trials site for more information.

Patient Care at Stanford Health Care

Physicians at Stanford Hospital, LPCH and the VA provide consultation and continuing care, including both inpatient and outpatient treatment, for patients across a broad range of medical specialties. Exceptional expertise can be found at Stanford in areas of infectious disease, autoimmune and inflammatory disease, as well as comprehensive and multi-disciplinary transplantation services.


Health Library

Sponsored by Stanford Health Care, Stanford Health Library provides scientifically-based medical information to help people make informed decisions about their health and health care.