Jan 24 - Jun 20
09:00 AM - 05:00 PM
Tue - Tue

Fermentation and Health Speaker Series

The purpose of this speaker series is to create a platform for the discussion of fermented foods and health and give space for nuanced conversation that clearly articulates current understanding and knowledge gaps of fermented food research and explores all of the ways fermented food can connect to our health including social and environmental impact. Beyond the presentations themselves, this speaker series will serve as a platform to define and promote future fermented food and health projects at Stanford University and beyond by bringing together experts to discuss pressing research questions and how to address them, define needs and resources in the research community, and provide clear and supported recommendations about fermented foods to consumers, clinicians, and interested parties.

Season 1 has ended, featuring: David Zilber, Dr. Suzanne Devkota, Dr. Joshua Evans, Alex Hozven, Dr. Maya Hey, and Dr. Rob Dunn.

Season 2 will feature: Dr. Veronica Sinotte, Sevgi Mutlu Sirakova, Dr. Ben Wolfe, Dr. Paul Cotter, Dr. Vayu Hill-Maini, Dr. Chantle Switchkow, and Dr. Maria Marco

Led by Elisa Caffrey, David Zilber, and Justin Sonnenburg.


Please contact Elisa Caffrey (ecaffrey@stanford.edu) with questions or comments