Institute for Immunity, Transplantation and Infection

Infectious Diseases

Inpatient and outpatient treatment for a range of infectious diseases (bacterial, viral, parasitic, travel medicine) is provided at Stanford Hospital & Clinics.  Special expertise is available in the treatment of HIV infection and in the treatment and prevention of infections acquired through foreign travel such as malaria and parasitic illness.

Upinder Singh, MD
Division Chief

Andrew Zolopa, MD
Clinic Director, HIV (PCC)

Jose Montoya, MD
Janice "Wes" Brown, MD
Co-Chiefs, Immunocompromised Host Clinic


General Infectious Diseases (Bacterial, Viral, Parasitic, Travel Medicine)

Immunocompromised Host Clinic (Infections in solid-organ transplantation, bone marrow transplants, oncology/hematology)

Positive Care Clinic (HIV/AIDS)

General Infectious Diseases Clinic

Brian Blackburn , MD 650-723-6961
Andrew Nevins, MD 650-723-6961
Upinder Singh, MD 650-723-6961
Julie Parsonnet , MD 650-723-6961

Immunocompromised Host Clinic

Jose Gilberto Montoya , MD 650-723-6961
Janice "Wes" Brown , MD 650-723-6961
Dora Ho, MD, PhD 650-723-6961

HIV – Related Infection

Andrew Zolopa, MD 650-723-9001
Annie Talbot , MD 650-723-9001
Philip Grant, MD 650-723-9001

Clinics and Services

Infectious Disease Clinic 650-723-6961
Immunocrompromised Host Clinic 650-723-6961
Positive Care Clinic (AIDS/HIV) 650-723-9001

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