The Human Immune Monitoring Center (HIMC)   


The HIMC Biobank offers specimen processing, cryopreservation, and banking services for human subjects research. This includes processing specimens for immunoassays, CyTOF, flow cytometry, genomic assays, and much more. The processing team has developed and implements standardized and optimized protocols for specimen isolation of PBMC, serum, plasma, RNA, DNA, etc.

The HIMC Biobank has built a state-of-the-art online cataloging infrastructure known as BioBank (in collaboration with the Canadian Biosample Repository Project), which implements online tools to help you view and manage your banked specimen inventory in real time.

After reviewing and discussing your study protocol, we can help you to select appropriate blood draw tubes and volumes for the downstream assays you have planned.  Additionally, we have the mechanisms to get your study off the ground quickly and efficiently. This includes tools like an online scheduling system, de-identifying barcodes for subjects, sample tracking, on-campus sample pick-ups, specimen shipping, and full logistical planning.

User Instructions

  1. Planning your study:  To set up your study with the HIMC Biobank, simply fill out an online order indicating the services you require.  If you're unsure, contact Rohit Gupta (  We will follow up and meet with you to properly plan all aspects of your study, from scheduling to sample banking.
  2. Collecting your samples:  Investigators and clinical coordinators can setup an account with the hospital to have blood draws for study participants performed at any phlebotomy lab on-campus. Samples collected can be picked-up by HIMC Biobank staff; if blood is drawn elsewhere on campus, pickup can be arranged via courier service, or the blood can be delivered to 3165 Porter Dr, Rm 2260.  All samples should be pre-scheduled through the HIMC Clinical Schedule.
  3. Banking and running assays:  Cataloging and banking is available for specimens processed through the HIMC Biobank. If another group has processed specimens that are being used for downstream HIMC assays, investigators can still utilize our banking services. There will be a nominal charge for banking and retrieving vials.  To request retrieval of banked samples for downstream HIMC assays or other purposes, please contact Rohit Gupta (
    All SOP's used by the HIMC Biobank can be found at our protocols page .

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Human Immune Monitoring Center
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